About Us

Integrity Management Writer began in 2004 as a company dedicated to finding documentation solutions that would simplify regulatory compliance for the oil and gas industry. To that end, we developed tools that would put operators back in control of their own programs, enabling them to tailor their processes and procedures, without the need for costly consultants.

As we grew, we developed procedural templates that could be used across the industry–from transmission, distribution, and drilling (both onshore and offshore) to asset integrity management. Again and again, we have seen companies large and small improve their performance and reduce their costs by implementing consistent, repeatable procedures.

The writers of IMW have extensive experience with a variety of liquid and natural gas companies and years of oil and gas documentation.

Cathy Amy

Cathy Amy has a degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. She worked for several newspapers and owned a mortgage company, then began writing for Mobil Oil in 1997. Since then, Cathy has worked on and/or managed projects for numerous oil and gas companies. Please contact Cathy at cathy.amy@integritymanagementwriter.com for references.

Amy Edwards

Amy Edwards has a degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She edited newspapers for eight years and became a technical writer for Mobil Oil in 1997. She then worked as a business analyst at Compaq and returned to oil and gas in 2002, specializing in integrity management. Please contact Amy at amy.edwards@integritymanagementwriter.com for references.